Psychedelic Teddy BearsPsychedelic Teddy Bear RevisitedPsychedelic Teddy Bear FallingPsychedelic Lion in the HouseChicago Glass BuildingsDeep End of the SkyscraperBuilding FugueChicago Skyscraper TopTree and Window PatternsWindow Reflecting Windows, detail of Tree and Window PatternStone Façade Reflection Empty Pool?Trellis and Bricks Lights and GraysPink, Yellow, and Green TriptychPink and GrayGlass Water Diptych  Electric Lines Sound Over BowlSun Umbrella and Lines 1 Sun Umbrella and Lines 2 Chi Window 1ChaseDouble ShieldsTracks Across the ShieldsRing TossTrack AbstractionAsphalt DesignBus StopStreet CornerInvisible Man’s HatDrinking Bird’s Head
Digital Photography
All digital photographs taken in Chicago
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