The Sultans BoxesCharging the CompartmentsIslands in the ValleyWinding Through the BlueRed Mountain at DawnMountains, Water and CloudsTheir World Changed Over NightListening to Ghost of Past CliffsLong AfterEven the Sky Took On Different Forms Deep in the WoodsFound in the TunnelWhirlwindPulling Its Self TogetherTied TogetherBars Hanging On By A ThreadAlways Something Just BehindPalette
January Artwork 2021

Hello Happy New Year!

Another great month of art.

Since we are all still having to stay home these days, great time to spend some of your time by checking out my web site.

It will seem like serendipity, and time will just disappear.

A new series for a new year was started last month titled*The Short Straw*.
It can be located in the Computer Art folder and it will be then the first file. Next to the always popular series titled Some Zeros Series.

There was also new works added to the In The Black Series,Fuzzy Dice, East Meets West, and Trippy 60s
You can find them all under the same folder Computer Art.

Also if you have time please check out the comic pages some of my students did last year. They can be found under the file Elementary Student Artwork on the far right, and then the file Comic..

All your old favorites can also be found under Computer Art Folder in different files.

All work unframed and printed on canvas


Reminder for those who ask, please go to folder Paintings and click file Cyclades to experience an epic journey series of paintings of a Boy and a Bear.

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Remember to Click on thumbnail to see whole image, click again on image to see image in a larger format. .

Thank You for spending some of your time here, and stay safe.