May 2013
New Ireland Pattern 1
June 2013 
Labyrinth, Spirals and Patterns 2
July 2013
Aphrodite’s Chariot
August 2013
Landscape with Mountains and Trees
September 2013
#11 from the Under World’s Overview Series
October 2013
Golden Pavilion
November 2013
Bill’s Fall
December 2013
Tiger and Bear
January 2014
Still Going
February 2014
Carry That Weight
March 2014 
Time Moving
April 2014
Garuda Over the City
May 2014
Post-Modern Middle Eastern Design
June 2014
Floating Across the Cosmo
July 2014
Ancient Water Slide Mural
August 2014
Constructing a New Day
September 2014
Mechanical Bird
October 2014
WOW Series #160
November 2014
Dawn on the Port Side
December 2014
Thoughts on the Tiger Shark Moon
January 2015
Stage Set Drawing
February 2015
Tracing the Acrobats Moves
March 2015
Post-Modern Tyi Wara Antelope Mask
April 2015
Two for the Stage
May 2015
Visiting the Paintings Again
In the Black Series #137
June 2015
Just Couldn’t Contain the Wind
July 2015
Magnifying Glass in the Desert
August 2015
Swept Up in the FunSeptember 2015
Everything Came Together at the ShoreOctober 2015
The Circus Came to the Desert
November 2015
Shooting Star in a Box  
December 2015
Jinn Rising Out of the Desert Storm
January 2016
Holiday Left Overs
February 2016
The Thread Spinning Out
March 2016
Sinking Chair in a Box
April 2016
How Do You Explain This?
May 2016
Floating Above the Folds
June 2016
Reds with Limes
July 2016
At the Center of the Heart of the Diamond as Big as the Ritz
August 2016
Dancing All the Way Off the Stage
September 2016
A Tangle of Visual Delight
October 2016
Charging the CurrentNovember 2016
Split in the Known Order
December 2016
Dividing the LightJanuary 2017
Tilting Towards the TwilightFebruary 2017
Patterns at the Water's Edge
March 2017
Jumping Out of the Regiment
April 2017
Spring Invasion
May 2017
Glass Cathedral Facade
June 2017
Taking a Plane to the Plane
July 2017
Tree Roots in the Marsh
August 2017
Shadows on the Leaves
September 2017
Exit From The Familiar
October 2017
The Electrical Charge Was All the Rage
November 2017
Touch and Go
December 2017
Signaling Through The Shade
January 2018
Begin the Bequine
February 2018 
# 16 Some Zeros 
Acting On Coincidence
March 2018
# 35 Some Zeros 
Clash To Be Set FreeApril 2018
X-Raying the Plumping
May 2018
# 76 Some Zeros
Create Glass Bubbles
June 2018
# 132 Some Zeros
Strike Out In New Directions
July 2018
Ancient Machine Hieroglyphic Found
August 2018
Climbing Wind
September 2018
# 179 Some Zeros
Daydreaming Of A Surrealistic Pillow
October 2018
Storm Broke Over the BadlandsNovember 2018
Bridge Over Castle Rock
December 2018
Neon Jungle 30
Treasures in the WindowJanuary 2019
# 208 Some Zeros
Just Keep Moving
February 2019
Pulling the Other In
March 2019
Taking the Moon Down for Another Day
April 2019
Written on the Waves
May 2019
# 279 Some Zeros
Express the Unknowable 
June 2019
July 2019
August 2019
Creating Lace from the Metal Curtain
September 2019
Blossoming Sunrise
October 2019
Death in the Garden
November 2019
#360 Some Zeros 
Can See the Fishbowl in a Drop of Water
December 2019
End of the Fall
January 2020
#376 Some Zeros 
Know That the Crystal Ball Knows
February 2020
The Automaton Spoke Its Own Language
March 2020
#450 Some Zeros
In the Funhouse Mirrors
April 2020
Neon Jungle 60
Big Neon WaveMay 2020
Out My Window
June 2020
Blue Table
Old is New Again Series 17July 2020
Up in the Attic
August 2020
#565 Some Zeros
Hung on the Cross
September 2020
Dawns Breaks
October 2020
#605 Some Zeros
Frozen in the IceNovember 2020
Fly Tower Behind the Sky
December 2020, 
Ancient Mural Symbol Pealing Away
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